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  1. These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between BESTSELF EOOD, with UIC 205673796 or COGNITIVA 23 EOOD, with UIC 206273619, on the one hand, and customers wishing and approved to receive services under the Programs offered by these two companies. Each of the above-mentioned Companies shall be the CONTRACTOR of services under the below-mentioned programs as follows:
    • Safe and Sound Protocol™ (SSP), VoicePro™, Focus System™ (FS) and Interactive Metronome® (IM) program delivery services are provided by BESTSELF EOOD with UIC 205673796, seat and registered address 1797 Sofia, 30 Tsarigradsko shosse Blvd., block Balkan, entrance 5, floor 7, apt.18.
    • Integra Master Program® (IMP) services are provided by Cognitiva 23 EOOD with UIC 206273619, seat and registered address 1000 Sofia, 163A Rakovski Str., floor 4, apt. 7;
    • General information about each of the Services and Programs is available at https://bestself-therapy.com.
  1. These Terms and Conditions shall be binding on all persons who are approved by the CONTRACTOR to use the services of the Programs offered through the website at https://bestself-therapy.com.
  2. Approval by the CONTRACTOR of an individual as suitable for the provision of services under the above Programs is the result of professional judgment, the availability of vacancies for the specific Program(s) and is not subject to challenge by individuals requesting services under these Programs.
  3. When using the Programs mentioned in this website, persons shall be obliged to comply with these Terms and Conditions, as well as the applicable legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the European Union.
  4. By clicking on the interactive button “I have read and agree to the General Terms and Conditions” and the DECLARATION – NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY OF PERSONAL DATA of the companies BESTSELF EOOD and/or COGNITIVA 23 EOOD, the persons who have performed these actions agree and fully accept these General Terms and Conditions, which will be deemed to have become known to them.
  5. By submitting a request for a Program(s), the CLIENT (or his/her legal representative) declares that he/she is aware of the General Terms and Conditions and accepts them, and that, having been approved by the CONTRACTOR as suitable for the specific services of the offered Programs, he/she is bound by them in their respective version in force at the time of acceptance.
  6. By making payment for the order, the CLIENT (or his/her legal representative) is deemed to have unconditionally accepted the terms agreed in the Terms and Conditions and that they are binding on the parties. The CONTRACTOR COMPANY Tariff shall form a part of the General Terms and Conditions.
  7. Each of the Parties (CLIENT and CONTRACTOR) expressly states and agrees that confirmation of agreement to the Terms and Conditions by electronic means shall have the same binding legal effect as a signature on written documents and shall be admissible evidence for any dispute settlement institution.
  8. The CLIENT reserves the right to unilaterally change any and all terms and conditions of the services offered under the PROGRAMS and any other information posted on the Website without prior notice to the CONTRACTOR.
  9. CLIENTS who have already commenced services under a Program/Programs under previous Terms and Conditions and rates shall complete the Program/Programs under the Terms and Conditions and rates that were in effect at the time the services commenced.


2.1. CLIENT or CUSTOMER of Services means any person (hereinafter referred to as “CLIENT”) who desires and is approved by the CONTRACTOR as appropriate to receive for himself or herself, or for his or her child (hereinafter referred to as “CHILD”), services related to one or more of the above intervention programs.

2.2. The CONTRACTOR shall, on the basis of a detailed questionnaire, make a professional judgement as to whether the services offered under the Programs referred to in clause 1 above are suitable for the condition and needs of the prospective CLIENT and if suitable services and Programs are available and in the event that there are vacancies for such services and Programs at the relevant time, approve the same for the CLIENT.

2.3. The CONTRACTOR shall provide the CLIENT and/or his/her CHILD with the conduct of one or more of the described PROGRAMS (hereinafter referred to as “the PROGRAM” or “the PROGRAMS”), in person at a specialized center or online, in fulfilment of these Terms and Conditions.



3.1. The CONTRACTOR shall offer for adult CLIENTS only online PROGRAMS.

3.2. PROGRAMS for children are offered in person and online.

3.3. The CLIENT shall submit a request to enrol in a program of their choice for themselves and/or their CHILD.

3.4. Simultaneously with the submission of the application for enrolment in the PROGRAM of his/her choice, the CLIENT shall fill in a form prepared by the CONTRACTOR, in which he/she shall indicate the data about himself/herself or his/her CHILD necessary to assess whether the PROGRAM is suitable for the CLIENT and/or his/her CHILD.

3.5. The CONTRACTOR shall notify the CLIENT within 10 business days of the submission of the application whether the Program is suitable for the CLIENT and/or his/her CHILD and whether there are any vacancies available at that time to start the admission process.

3.6. After being notified by the CONTRACTOR of the start of the admission and after paying for the services of the appropriate PROGRAM/Programs, the CLIENT shall fill in forms and questionnaires prepared by the CONTRACTOR, in which he/she shall indicate the data about himself/herself or his/her CHILD, necessary for him/her to receive an individual intervention under the PROGRAM chosen by him/her.

3.7. The CONTRACTOR shall arrange for the CLIENT or his/her CHILD to be tested and evaluated in person or online as necessary to develop an individualized intervention under the selected PROGRAM.



4.1. The prices of the services provided under the PROGRAMS shall be in accordance with the current Tariff to these General Terms and Conditions, announced on the website https://bestself-therapy.com. The CONTRACTOR reserves the right to change its Tariff at any time and the new Tariff will be effective prospectively upon its posting on the website.

4.2. The CLIENT shall pay the assessment fee in advance, by wire transfer or by card to the account of the company offering the PROGRAM/PROGRAMS selected by him/her, in accordance with the Tariff in force at the time of these General Terms and Conditions.

4.3. The CLIENT shall pay the fee for the selected PROGRAM(S) in advance, by wire transfer or by card to the account of the company offering the selected PROGRAM(S).

4.4. The bank accounts of the CONTRACTOR are announced on the website https://bestself-therapy.com.



5.1. General information on all PROGRAMS is available on the CONTRACTOR‘s website.

5.2 The specific intervention for each respective PROGRAM is individual and is made on the basis of the evaluation results of these Terms and Conditions.

5.3. The CONTRACTOR shall provide the preliminary evaluation to the CLIENT or his/her CHILD.

5.4. According to the preliminary assessment, the CONTRACTOR shall prepare the individual intervention under the PROGRAM;

5.5. Attendance PROGRAMS are conducted individually or in groups of up to 6 children.

5.6. Online PROGRAMS are conducted individually at home.

5.7. The CONTRACTOR shall ensure the overall delivery of the PROGRAM in person and assist in the delivery of the PROGRAM when it is online.

5.8. The CLIENT has the obligation to bring the CHILD to the assessment centre or arrange for the assessment tests to be conducted online.

5.9. The CLIENT has the commitment to bring the child to the centre for the attendance of the PROGRAM(S).

5.10. the CLIENT is obliged to ensure that the agreed rules and timetable, including for his/her CHILD, concerning the attendance sessions, including the requirements for clothing (comfortable, soft, and elastic clothes allowing free movement of the body are required), etc., are observed and to ensure that his/her CHILD complies with these requirements.

5.11. In the event of breaches of the established order and schedule by the CLIENT or his CHILD, the CONTRACTOR shall have the right to issue a written warning to the CLIENT (delivered on site at the centre or sent by email).

5.12. If the breach is repeated, the CONTRACTOR shall have the right to terminate the PROGRAM(S) early by written communication without advance notice and without refund of any amounts prepaid in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

5.13. The order of attendance of the PROGRAM/PROGRAM is announced in writing by the CONTRACTOR in a prominent place in the centre, and the schedule shall be precisely defined with each individual CLIENT.

5.14. The CONTRACTOR shall ensure performance under the PROGRAM until its completion.



6.1. Implementation of the PROGRAM(S) may be terminated early:

6.1.1. By mutual agreement of the Parties, in writing or by exchange of e-mails, in which agreement the Parties shall also settle their financial relations in relation to the performance of the services under the PROGRAM/ PROGRAMS;

6.1.2. By two weeks’ notice in writing at the centre or by email from either party to the other;

6.1.3. In the event of a culpable breach of these Terms and Conditions by the CLIENT or the CONTRACTOR, without notice from the non-defaulting party.

6.2 If notice is given under clause 4.1.2 (in the absence of fault of either party), the CONTRACTOR shall be liable to the CLIENT for reimbursement of the consideration paid only for that part of the PROGRAM which continues beyond the notice period.

6.3. The termination shall be effected pursuant to clause 4.1.3., with the defaulting party owing to the non-defaulting party compensation in the amount of 50% of the value of the services used.




7.1. The CONTRACTOR shall take all commercially reasonable measures for the security and safekeeping of the information of and by the CLIENT so as to prevent any unauthorized access to or disclosure of the CLIENT’s or his/her CHILD’s personal information.

7.2. The CONTRACTOR shall undertake to maintain the accuracy of the data and information and to take care of its proper use.

7.3. The CONTRACTOR has implemented and utilizes various and state-of-the-art technologies, technical means, and procedures to encrypt, secure and protect information and computer systems and networks from unauthorized access.

7.4. The CONTRACTOR shall use physical, electronic, and managerial procedures to protect personal information that is collected online and shall ensure measures to limit access to personal information by individuals working on behalf of the CONTRACTOR by signing explicit written Confidentiality Agreements. Such third parties shall have access to and handle personal information only to the extent necessary for the high-quality delivery of services under the respective PROGRAM/PROJECTS.

7.5. The CONTRACTOR shall use adequate encryption technologies and tools that are appropriate for the collection and transfer of sensitive information such as credit card numbers, etc.

7.6. The database maintained by the CONTRACTOR is protected by a two-key Secure Socket Level (“SSL”) encryption algorithm and/or behind a firewall using security software.

7.7. The CLIENT can obtain more information about the CONTRACTOR’s Privacy Policy at: https://bestself-therapy.com.




8.1. The CLIENT shall be entitled to share data about the CLIENT or his/her CHILD with third parties only to the extent that the CLIENT is legally obliged to do so or it is necessary for the quality of the provision of the Services. In the latter case, the CLIENT shall always be obliged to sign an express written Data Privacy Agreement with the third parties, in which he/she shall stipulate commitments to data privacy on their part.



9.1. The storage, processing and use of personal data is carried out in full compliance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the Personal Data Protection Act and the DECLARATION – NOTICE OF CONFIDENTIALITY OF PERSONAL DATA of the companies BESTSELF EOOD and/or COGNITIVA 23 EOOD, published on the website https://bestself-therapy.com.

9.2. The Website and its content, as well as the video, photo and audio materials captured after obtaining the CLIENT’s consent to do so during the provision of the services under the PROGRAM/PROGRAMS, are objects of copyright owned by the CONTRACTOR. Parts of them/individual information may only be reproduced with the express consent of the copyright holders and on condition that the persons reproducing them indicate their source of information.

9.3. In the event that a CLIENT uploads a photo, video or audio recording to the CONTRACTOR‘s website, or emails or otherwise shares it with CONTRACTOR, he/she grants the CONTRACTOR a non-exclusive, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable copyright that includes use of, modification, reproduction, transmission, publication, display, deletion and distribution of such photograph, video or audio recording on the CONTRACTOR‘s website, or through other media and communication channels for the purposes for which the CLIENT has agreed by completing a specific consent form.

9.4. Upon suspicion or receipt of information of abuse or forms of violence, the CONTRACTOR is obliged to immediately inform the competent authorities to take adequate measures.

9.5. The provisions of Bulgarian substantive and procedural law shall apply to all matters not explicitly settled in these General Terms and Conditions.

9.6. Details of correspondence with the CONTRACTOR:

  • Managing Director of BESTSELF EOOD and COGNITIVA 23 EOOD: Daniela Stefanova Dimitrova

9.7. The CONTRACTOR may modify these Terms and Conditions at any time by posting the modifications on the website in a timely manner.


These Terms and Conditions have beeb updated on 26.11.2023.