Safe and Sound Protocol™ (SSP)

Dr. Stephen Porges’ Program for Promoting Auditory Processing of Human Speech and Social Engagement

What is Safe and Sound Protocol™?

Safe and Sound Protocol™ (SSP) is a five-day auditory intervention, designed by the author of the Polyvagal Theory – the American scientist Dr. Stephen Porges, to reduce hypersensitivity to noise and certain sounds, as well as to enhance the auditory processing of human speech, the socialization and the psycho-emotional resilience. According to the Polyvagal theory, when the physiological and the emotional states are calm and balanced, the door is opened for improved communication with others and, therefore, for more successful subsequent therapies and education also. Taking this into account, although SSP can be used as a stand-alone program, it is much more productive to use it for preparing the ground for the successful implementation of adequate sensory-motor, behavioral, psychological and speech therapies. 

How does SSP Affect the Brain?

Dr. Porges’ program is based on research and shows good results in the following fields:

  • Social and emotional challenges
  • Auditory sensitivities and auditory processing problems, including processing of human speech
  • Inattention
  • Anxiety and/or problems resulting from psycho-emotional trauma

How Does SSP Actually Achieve the Cited Results?

SSP is a vocal music, which is computer altered in order to “train” the middle ear muscles to functionally dampen the transmission to the inner ear of competing ambient sounds that have frequencies lower than human voice. This is one of the physiological functions of these muscles and allows for the human speech to be perceived and processed more easily and quickly. Frequently, children and adults on the autism spectrum disorders or with other language and communication problems, have difficulties to clearly and quickly discern human speech from background sounds, although their standard audiogram shows no hearing impairment. Besides, they are often hypersensitive to sound. According to some scientists, the atypical neural regulation of the muscles of the middle ear might be one of the reasons leading to this problems. SSP is an intervention targeting precisely the correction of this neural deficit. The digitally changed popular songs in the program have exaggerated speech prosody, which aims at provoking and modulating the necessary neural regulation of the muscles of the middle ear, in order for the human speech to be more effectively processed by the higher brain structures.

You can read about the research here:

How to Enrol in the Sound and Safe Protocol™ Intervention?

  • SSP is offered not only as part of Integra Master Program® packages, but also separately in an online version. There are different SSP programs for children and adults.

    The fee for the stand-alone SSP is 320 euros, which includes the following:

    • Pre-assessment
    • SSP Connect – preparation for the therapy. The sessions are between 5 and 10, depending on the condition and the capacity to follow the requirements to obtain the maximum benefit out of the program.
    • SSP Core – the actual therapy in 5 consecutive sessions.
    • SSP Balance – to support and extend SSP Core benefits. 10 sessions. When the number of vacancies allows it, it is possible to extend this part of the program for an additional fee.
    • Additional exercises and activities to stimulate the Vagus nerve, the psycho-emotional wellbeing and the social engagement. They are performed daily during SSP Connect, SSP Core and SSP Balance.
    • Reassessment after completing SSP Core or SSP Balance.

    The fee is due in advance, after a previous discussion of the case, a confirmation that the program is suitable for the child or the adult and there are vacancies at the moment. You will then be given access to create and account and choose the prefered payment method. After the payment is completed, an invoice is issued on request.

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