ILS Unique Speech, Language and Social Training Tool

What is VoicePro™?

The VoicePro™ is a technology designed to improve auditory processing, speech and language skills in children and adults. The program targets articulation, phonemic awareness, auditory memory, auditory figure ground and dichotic listening, as well as the quality of speech production. With children on the autism spectrum the VoicePro may be effectively used also as social training tool.


What is VoicePro™ Effect?

Understanding human speech, not struggling to do so even in a noisy environment and speaking fluently and clearly require efficient processing and storage of information, as well as specific motor and motor planning skills. All of those are trained with the VoicePro, resulting in more efficient and accurate sound processing, discrimination between similar sounding phonemes, improved inflection and rhythm in speaking and reading aloud.

Which conditions may benefit from VoicePro™?

Besides the individuals with Auditory Processing Disorder, there are people with other diagnoses that are having difficulties understanding auditory information and can benefit from the VoicePro. The disorders are listed below:

  • Autism
  • Language Processing Disorder
  • Intellectual Disability
  • Sensory Processing Disorder

How Does VoicePro™ Actually Achieve the Cited Results?

During the program, the bone/air conduction headphones deliver efficient stimulation of the auditory and vestibular systems, which are combined with physical activities and interactive exercises on speech, voicing, memory, expressive and receptive language skills. The VoicePro headsets have an additional therapeutic input, because they also deliver microphone amplification for direct auditory feedback to the individual from their own voice, as well as the voice of the guiding teacher or therapist. This increases awareness of one’s voice and enhances immediate and meaningful self‐correction opportunities. Repetition and practice lead to dedicated neurological pathways for analyzing and using language, which results in quick and automatic access to information and the rules for using it. The development of skills is built in sequential progressions.

As already emphasized, all the language activities are combined with movement, which has been scientifically proved to enhance learning. Sitting can be fatiguing and often decreases concentration whereas movement supplies oxygen, water, and glucose to the brain thus enhancing performance. Kinesthetic learning, which involves actively the cerebellum and the vestibular system, creates more neural networks in the brain. Among other things, the cerebellum controls rhythm, timing, learning new skills and automaticity (including speed of processing) – all required also for speech and language including, the ability to read and write.

Areas where improvements are expected to be seen using the VoicePro™:

  • Rapid naming
  • Following multi‐step directives/praxis on verbal command
  • Auditory memory
  • Abstract reasoning/problem‐solving
  • Convergent and divergent thinking
  • Motor planning and bilateral coordination paired with language/cognitive activities
  • Auditory comprehension
  • Reading fluency and comprehension
  • Phonological awareness
  • Rhythm, coordination and timing

You can read about a study on the program’s effectiveness here: https://integratedlistening.com/research/harper-attention-auditory-therapeeds/

How to Enrol in VoicePro™ Intervention?

VoicePro™ is offered only in-person as part of Integra Master Program® Complete Package.

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