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Safe and Sound Protocol™ (SSP)


  • SSP is offered not only as part of Integra Master Program® packages, but also separately in an online version. There are different SSP programs for children and adults.The fee for the stand-alone SSP is 320 euros, which includes the following:
    • Pre-assessment
    • SSP Connect – preparation for the therapy. The sessions are between 5 and 10, depending on the condition and the capacity to follow the requirements to obtain the maximum benefit out of the program.
    • SSP Core – the actual therapy in 5 consecutive sessions.
    • SSP Balance – to support and extend SSP Core benefits. 10 sessions. When the number of vacancies allows it, it is possible to extend this part of the program for an additional fee.
    • Additional exercises and activities to stimulate the Vagus nerve, the psycho-emotional wellbeing and the social engagement. They are performed daily during SSP Connect, SSP Core and SSP Balance.
    • Reassessment after completing SSP Core or SSP Balance.


The fee is due in advance, after a previous discussion of the case, a confirmation that the program is suitable for the child or the adult and there are vacancies at the moment. After the payment is completed, an invoice is issued on request.