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Interactive Metronome


IM is offered not only as part of some Integra Master Program® packages, but also separately in a remote version. A purchase of IM Home unit is needed, in order to have this kind of distance service.

  • Initial Fee: 230 euros, which includes:
    • Support for installing the software and activating the license
    • Initial IM Assessment of the child or the adult
    • The first IM Intervention Program – the daily sessions for the first month on the basis of the assessment results
    • Instruction and training on how to perform the program. In case the user is a kid, a responsible parent also undergoes a training, so that they can monitor the kid’s performance and physically help them in the beginning, if needed.
    • Regular monitoring on how the user deals with the program.
    • Ongoing support during the process of learning and getting used to the intervention.
  • Monthly Fee: 123 euros, which includes:
    • Building the daily therapeutic sessions for the month
    • Periodic analysis of the data in the system gathered from the regular training sessions and the test sessions
    • Periodic analysis of the quality of the movements while clapping or tapping at the beat (via video-clips sent by the client)
    • Program adjustments according to the results of the above analysis
    • Ongoing support – answering questions and giving professional advice, in order for the kid or the adult to get the maximum benefit out of the intervention


The fee is due in advance, after a previous discussion of the case and a confirmation that the program is suitable for the child or the adultt. After the payment is completed, an invoice is issued on request.