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Integra Master Program® (IMP)


  • Enrolments in Integra Master Program® is possible only in case of vacancies, irrespective of how early the request was stated. The specifics of the program imply a limited number of children the team can work with and a minimum of one-year enrolment of each child. Most of the times, the enrolment lasts longer.
  • Enrolments for the in-person delivery of Integra Master Program® are scheduled at the beginning of each school year (up to the end of September). Children can join in the program on a later stage only by exception, when there are vacancies and when the individual case allows the completion of all required modules before the summer vacation.
  • Enrolments for online delivery of Integra Master Program® may be scheduled year-round
  • Enrolment in IMP happens after the previous completion and analysis of several checklists and the performance of a comprehensive neuropsychological, academic and sensory-motor assessment. The results shape the complete developmental profile of the child, which serves as the basis for their individual therapeutic and educational plan.
  • The assessment fee is 500 BGN, which is approximately 256 euros*. The fee is due in advance via bank transfer, only after a previous discussion of the case, a confirmation that the program is suitable for the child and there are vacancies at the moment. A proforma invoice is issued for the payment. After the payment is completed, an invoice is issued on request.