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General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Consulting, In-peron and Online Services Offered on the Website


This document settles the legal relations which arise between the following parties and shall have the character of a contract between them. These general terms and conditions are accessible at


Services for conducting the Safe and Sound Protocol™ (SSP), VoicePro™, Focus System™ (FS), and Interactive Metronome® (IM) programs are provided by BestSelf Ltd. with UIC 205673796, registered office and registered address Sofia 1797, 30 Tsarigradsko shose Blvd., Bl. Balkan, Entr. D, Floor 7, Apt.18

Services for the Integra Master Program® (IMP) are provided by Cognitiva 23 Ltd. with UIC 206273619, registered office and registered address in the city of Sofia 1000, 163A G. S. Rakovski Str., Floor 4, Apt. 7,

A CUSTOMER of services is ANY person (hereafter referred to as “ASSIGNOR“) who wishes to request for themselves or for their child (hereafter referred to as “CHILD“) to receive one or more of the above intervention programs.

By applying to a Program(s), the Assignor declares that he/she is aware of and accepts the General Terms and Conditions and that he/she is bound by them in their respective version in force at the time of acceptance. By making payment for the application, the Assignor shall be deemed to have unconditionally accepted what is agreed in the General Terms and Conditions and that a valid contract with the parameters of the application is in place between the parties. The General Terms and Conditions are an integral part of the contract. The Landlord’s tariff is part of the general terms and conditions.

Each Party expressly states and agrees that confirmation of agreement to the Terms and Conditions by electronic communication will have the same binding legal effect as a signature on written documents and will be admissible evidence for any dispute settlement institution.

The CONTRACTOR shall provide one or more of the described intervention programs (hereinafter referred to as the “PROGRAM” or “PROGRAMS”) to the ASSIGNOR and/or his/her CHILD, either in person at a specialized center or online, in fulfillment of these Terms and Conditions.



The CONTRACTOR provides the adults only with online PROGRAMS.

PROGRAMS for children are offered in person and online.

THE ASSIGNOR shall apply for enrollment in a program of their choice for themselves and/or their CHILD.

At the same time as submitting the application for enrollment in the program of his choice, the ASSIGNOR shall fill in a form prepared by the CONTRACTOR, in which he shall indicate information about himself or his CHILD required to assess whether the PROGRAM is suitable for the ASSIGNOR and/or his CHILD.

The CONTRACTOR shall notify the ASSIGNOR within 10 working days of the application whether the Program is suitable for the ASSIGNOR and/or the ASSIGNOR’S CHILD and whether there are any available places at that time to start the reception process.

After being notified by the CONTRACTOR about the start of the reception, the ASSIGNOR shall fill in forms and questionnaires prepared by the CONTRACTOR, in which he/she shall indicate details about himself/herself or his/her CHILD, which are also necessary for the preparation of an individual intervention under the selected PROGRAM.

The CONTRACTOR shall arrange the testing and the evaluation of the ASSIGNOR or his/her CHILD, in person or online, necessary for the ASSIGNOR or his/her CHILD to receive an individual intervention under the selected PROGRAM.


The ASSIGNOR shall pay the evaluation fee in advance, by bank transfer, or by card to the account of the company offering the Program(s) selected by the ASSIGNOR.

The ASSIGNOR shall pay the fee for the selected Program(s) in advance, by bank transfer or by card to the account of the company offering the selected Program(s). The CONTRACTOR’s bank accounts are announced on the CONTRACTOR’s website.



General information about all PROGRAMS is contained on the CONTRACTOR’s website. The specific intervention for each program is individual and is based on the evaluation results of these Terms and Conditions.


Attendance PROGRAMS are conducted individually or in groups of up to 6 children.

Online PROGRAMS are conducted individually at home.

The CONTRACTOR shall provide the pre-evaluation to the ASSIGNOR or his/her CHILD.

The CONTRACTOR shall design the individual PROGRAM intervention according to the preliminary evaluation.

The CONTRACTOR shall ensure the complete execution of the PROGRAM in person and assist in the execution of the PROGRAM when it is online.

The ASSIGNOR must either bring the child to the evaluation center or arrange for the evaluation tests to be administered online.

The ASSIGNOR commits to bring the child to the center for the attendance of the Program(s).


The ASSIGNOR shall be responsible for ensuring that the procedures, including for his CHILD, regarding attendance at sessions, including dress requirements, etc., are followed and for ensuring that his CHILD complies with these requirements. In the event of any breach by the ASSIGNOR or his/her CHILD, the CONTRACTOR shall have the right to issue a written warning to the ASSIGNOR (delivered at the center or sent by email). If the breach is repeated, the CONTRACTOR shall have the right to terminate the Program(s) early by written notice without notice by these Terms and Conditions.

The attendance policy for the Program(s) shall be posted in writing by the CONTRACTOR in a visible location at the Center.

The CONTRACTOR shall ensure the implementation of the program until its completion.

Implementation of the Program(s) may be pre-terminated:

– By mutual agreement of the parties;

– By two weeks’ notice given in writing at the center or by email by either party to the other party.

If notice is given by the CONTRACTOR, the CONTRACTOR shall owe the ASSIGNOR the consideration paid for the portion of the training program that continues beyond the notice period. If notice is given by the ASSIGNOR, the ASSIGNOR shall be entitled to a refund from the CONTRACTOR of half of the consideration for the part of the training program which continues beyond the notice period.

– By notification (in writing, handed to the center, or sent by email) without notice from the CONTRACTOR if: the ASSIGNOR (or CHILD) has breached the policy which has been notified in writing to all parents and children by the CONTRACTOR, has been warned by the CONTRACTOR of the breach by clause 5 in this contract, and has committed a new breach. In this case, the fee paid by the ASSIGNOR shall not be refunded.


The ASSIGNOR explicitly declares that he/she gives his/her consent, as well as consent on behalf of the CHILD, for the ASSIGNOR’s and the CHILD’s data contained in the documents referred to in Clause 3 of these General Terms and Conditions to be processed by the CONTRACTOR by complying with the Personal Data Protection Act. Further details of the CONTRACTOR’s policy on the processing of personal data shall be set out on the CONTRACTOR’s website.

The ASSIGNOR explicitly declares that he/she GIVES or DOES NOT GIVE his/her consent to his/her CHILD being photographed during the PROGRAM sessions by the CONTRACTOR or the CONTRACTOR’s subcontractors (or their respective employees) conducting the PROGRAM sessions. In case of consent, the CONTRACTOR (or its contractors, as the case may be) shall be obliged to show the photographs and videos taken to the ASSIGNOR. The CONTRACTOR may use for training and advertising purposes only the photographs and videos taken for which the ASSIGNOR has given its written consent.

Privacy Statement / Confidentiality Declaration / of Bestself Ltd. and Cognitiva 23 Ltd.:

Summary of the Privacy Statement:

When you use the products and services of BestSelf Ltd and/or Cognitiva 23 Ltd, you are trusting us with your information. This Privacy Policy is designed to help you understand what data we collect, why we collect it, and what we do with it. We hope you will take the time to read it carefully as its contents are important.  “BestSelf Ltd and Cognitiva 23 Ltd care about your privacy. For this reason, we only collect and use personal data because it is necessary for us to provide services to you. Under the Data Protection Act 1998, the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) approved by the European Parliament on 14 April 2016, and related laws, we have a legal obligation to protect the personal information we collect from you.

Your personal data includes the following information:

Name, address, Telephone number, Name, gender, date of birth of the child you are enrolling, Email address, and Other data collected that could directly or indirectly identify you.

Our privacy policy also describes the options we provide for you to access, update, or otherwise take control of the personal data we process about you. If you have any questions about our practices or any of your rights described below, you can contact our Data Protection Officer (DPO) and our team by contacting us at This inbox is actively monitored and managed.

What information do we collect?

Information required to use BestSelf Ltd. and Cognitiva 23 Ltd. services.


This information is necessary for the proper performance of the contract between you and us and enables us to comply with our legal obligations. Without it, we may not be able to provide you with all the services you have requested.

а/ Name and surname: To be able to address the customer individually, so we can know that everyone is a unique customer and not abuse fake registrations.

б/ Email, mobile phone:

Communicate with the customer on any issues related to the running or cancellation of their chosen programs.

в/ Relation with the child: to know the parent, caretaker, or another relative of the child is the registered assignor when a request is made to have the child enrolled in the program.

г/ City: to determine the best option for conducting the sent PROGRAM – in-person, online, or combined.

д/ Address: for correspondence by post including sending if necessary a certificate of completion.

е/ Where did you learn about us? This information is needed to measure our effectiveness and improve our service, and to better target our communication messages to our customers.

ж/ Name of the child:  so we can refer to the child.

з/ Gender of the child: information useful for planning the individualized language and cognitive modules of the selected PROGRAM.

и/ Date of birth of the child: important information for selecting a group and building the individual intervention of the selected program, which is always related to the developmental levels according to age.

Information that you decide whether to give us


You may choose to provide us with additional personal information to get a better experience when using the Services. This additional information will be processed based on your consent.

а/ Marketing consent to receive information via email, Push Notifications, Facebook, and/or SMS.

б/ Consent to take and use photos – you may give us consent to take photos and videos of you and your child to use for marketing, advertising, or educational purposes.

в/ Other information – you may choose to give us other information when you complete forms, or take part in surveys, polls, or promotions.

Information required for the use of payment services


The Payment Data Controller must collect the following information as it is necessary for the proper performance of the contract with you. He is also required to comply with applicable laws (such as anti-money laundering rules). Without this information, you will not be able to use payment services and BestSelf Ltd and Cognitiva 23 Ltd services respectively, as you are required to have paid before the diagnostic/evaluation process can be started and the chosen program conducted:

a/ Payment Information. To use certain functions of the Services (such as booking or purchasing), we may require you to provide certain financial information (such as your bank account or credit card) to facilitate payment processing.

b/ Payment transaction information, including the payment instrument used, date and time, payment amount, payment expiration date and payment zip code, email address

c/ PayPal, IBAN information, address, and other transaction-related data. This information is necessary for the proper performance of the contract between you and BestSelf Ltd and Cognitiva 23 Ltd to enable the provision of payment services.

Information we collect from third parties

а/ BestSelf Ltd. and Cognitiva 23 Ltd. may collect information, including Personal Data, that another provides about you while using the BestSelf Ltd and Cognitiva 23 Ltd Platform and Payment Services, and may obtain information from other sources and combine it with information we collect through the Services and Payment Services. We do not control or are not responsible for how the third parties providing your information process your personal information, and any request for information regarding the disclosure of your personal information should be directed to such third parties.


б/ Third Party Services. If you contact or log into our Services (e.g., with a mobile app) through a third-party service (e.g., Google or Facebook), that third party may send us information such as your registration and account information. This information is different and is controlled by that third-party service or by a person/party authorized by you through that third-party service’s privacy settings.

в/Other relevant sources. To the limited extent permitted by applicable law, we may obtain additional information about you, such as demographic or fraud detection information, from third-party vendors and/or partners and combine it with the information we have about you.

How do we use the information?

We attempt to minimize the data we collect and limit its use to (1) data for which we have been authorized, (2) as necessary for the delivery of the Services we are required to provide, or (3) as we may be required or permitted to use it for compliance or other lawful purposes. These uses include:

Delivering, improving, updating, and enhancing the services we provide to you. We collect a variety of data relating to your use of and/or interaction with the BestSelf Ltd and Cognitiva 23 Ltd services.

We use this information for:

  • Improving and optimizing the implementation and performance of our services
  • To diagnose problems and identify risks, errors, or necessary improvements in the security of BestSelf Ltd and Cognitiva 23 Ltd Services
  • Collect aggregate statistics about the use of our Services
  • To understand how our Services are used and what products and services are most suitable for you.

Often, much of the data we collect is either summarised or is statistical data about how individuals use BestSelf Ltd and Cognitiva 23 Ltd services and does not relate to any personal data but is itself personal data or relate to or is associated with personal data, respectively.

Sharing with trusted third parties.

We may share your personal data with companies, our representatives for our respective center, affiliates in our corporate family, third parties we have partnered with to allow you to integrate their services into the software system, and trusted third-party service providers when they need this data to perform services on our behalf, such as:

  • Credit card payment processing,
  • Conducting contests or surveys,
  • Communicating with you, such as through email or delivery of reports,
  • Performing demographic analysis of our services and customers.

We only share your personal data if it is necessary for a third party to perform the service and that third party needs your data to perform that service on our behalf. These third parties (and any sub-contractors) apply strict data processing conditions and are prohibited from sharing your data for any other purpose unless they have obtained your consent to such sharing.