Instructions for completing the forms

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Developmental Checklists (Communication DEALL)


Before completing the checklists, please take into account the following information:


  1. The system will give you access only to the skills your child should have developed, according to his or her age. They are comprised in eight developmental subdomains – Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Activates of Daily Living, Receptive Language Skills, Expressive Language Skills, Cognitive Skills, Social Skills and Emotional Skills.
  2. You should complete all the fields, related to your child’s development from birth to their current age and not only the fields related to their current age. Earlier developmental stages must also be evaluated, in order to get your child’s complete developmental profile.
  3. Before submitting the form, you must fill in, as accurately as you can, all the fields in all the eight subdomains. You cannot submit a separate subdomain checklist (only Gross Motor Skills or only Receptive Language Skills checklist), but you can save your progress and continue another time until you are done completely.
  4. Please read carefully the questions/statements and give your answer only when you are absolutely sure about it. You may consider discussing the answer with another person, who also knows well your child – the other parent, a relative, a teacher or a therapist, for instance. Additionally, you may consider watching old videos you recorded for family memories – that will help you be absolutely accurate for items (skills) you don’t remember or have never paid attention to in the past.
  5. Please note any comment you wish to make in a separate document, which you can upload to My Files into your account or send via email to

Make sure you cite correctly the subdomain and the item (skill) number your comment is related to. Let’s say, for example, that your son didn’t put everything in mouth at the age 0-6 but he started doing it much later or still does it at 4. In this case, you will mark you answer in the checklist and you will put your comment under Fine Motor Skills/2 in this separate document, so we can discuss it (Fine Motor Skills is the subdomain and 2 is the number the cited item/skill has in the respective checklist).

  1. You will have to mark your answer according to the following scale:

Not Acquired



Acquired But Lost






Acquired But Not Generalized



Acquired and Generalized 


No Response


Let’s say you daughter is 4 years old and still doesn’t use the personal pronoun “I/ME” but talks about herself in the third person using her name. It’s clear you are going to use “0-Not Acquired” in this case. If she used to use the personal pronoun and, at a certain point in time, she went back to using her name when meaning “I/ME”, your answer will be “1-Acquired But Lost”. If she uses both – 1st and 3rd person, all the time mixing them while referring to herself, you will answer “2-Emerging”. If she uses the personal pronoun but not always and/or not in all settings (she does it with her SLP, for instance, but not at home, or she does it with her SLP and at home, but not at school), you will mark this skill with “3-Acqired But Not Generalized”. When she uses “I/ME’” always and everywhere – this is a “4-Acquired and Generalized”. Try to avoid “No response” when you can be informative. Use it only if you really cannot give any answer at all.